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Future Green Energy



Total Future Energy Innovations offers green energy services in Perth, WA. From energy efficientlighting in Perth to future energy innovations in Perth, WA, we excel in services that bring you closer to a world without harmful synthetic greenhouse gases and reduced carbon footprint. We can install energy efficient insulation, appliances, heating systems and offer air sealing, duct sealing and upgrades of home appliances to ENERGY STAR® qualified products.

If your home is old, we fill the empty cavities around the ductwork and the pipes and in the attic to upgrade the insulation and improve energy efficiency. This is one of the most cost-effective steps to save energy and money both. Not many energy companies in Perth, WA will tell you that.

Our electricians are experts in fiber optic and communications cabling, surge protection units, electrical testing, electrical tagging and smoke alarms installation. We replace your incandescent fittings by energy efficient lighting options such as LEDs and CFLs smoothly. Doing this can personalize your residence and workplace. It also offers many benefits such as increasing your comfort, and making your home’s indoor air healthier.

Contact the best green energy services provider in Perth, WA - Future Energy Innovations and make your premises safer, cleaner, and healthier for the future.